10 Prompts for Academic Paper Writing

Regardless of whether you are a college freshman or a PhD candidate, you know that academic paper writing is a huge part of your studies and that it can make or break the success of your endeavors in this field. This is why you should always out all of your attention into delivering papers that are as good as possible and although this may seem difficult at first, if you follow the next 10 prompts of good academic writing, you will soon learn the ropes of what this really means.

  1. Understand the academic style that you have to follow for your paper such as MLA or APA. There are major differences in the formatting and referencing system as well, so take the time to learn about them.
  2. Choose great topics. This is absolutely essential because it will maintain your interest alive and your readers’ interest as well. Always choose something you are passionate about and that you open your mind and think out of the box when it comes to the topics of your papers.
  3. Do not be too original in choosing your topic either, because this can mean that there will be not much material available to back up your research.
  4. Make sure you check with your professor or tutor if you choose something that is a bit more special and to see if it is relevant to the curricula of that class.
  5. Remember that any paper out there will have to have a purpose and that you should underline it. Asking yourself why writing about a specific topic is important can be key.
  6. Structure is absolutely crucial when doing academic writing and you should never oversee it. You should ensure that your papers have an introduction, a conclusion and a thoroughly researched content.
  7. Every paragraph should be structured very well too and the very first sentence of each paragraph will have to contain the main idea that will be developed in the following sentences.
  8. Organize your time thoroughly and do not postpone your research. This will only lead to you eventually rushing things out and delivering something that is not exactly complete.
  9. Allow some time for reviewing and proofreading the papers you deliver as well. This will help you avoid sending incomplete papers and, even worse, papers that are filled with grammatical errors.
  10. Your introduction and conclusion are important and always put emphasis on the very first sentence and on the very last sentence of your entire paper, because this is what will attract the reader and what will stick with the reader the most.

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