The most popular expository essay topics

You will write many essays as you progress though high school and college. One of the most frequently requested papers will be the “expository essay.” In this short article you will learn how to approach several of the most popular expository essay topics. Before that, though, let’s explore what an expository essay is.

Definition: Expository essays are those that require the writer to convince the reader of an opinion or statement through cited facts as opposed to opinion.

Here are some examples regarding teens:

  1. Describe the importance of obtaining a drivers license for teenagers
  2. Explain how curfews are good for teenagers
  3. Explain how relocating (or moving) can be bad for teenagers

Here are some examples regarding business:

  1. Explain why a manager is important to a business
  2. Explain how a business might run without direct supervision
  3. Explain the competitive advantage Japanese companies have over American companies

Here are a few examples regarding college:

  1. Explain why college might not be beneficial to a student
  2. Explain why college is important to students
  3. Explain why college is important to businesses

You will notice that in each of these samples you will be able to formulate a reason why things are good or bad, and then be able to perform research that will help validate these statements. You could also perform the research first and then write the essay, but this might lead to some troubles.

Teachers and professors aren’t just evaluating your writing skills with expository essays. They are also grading your ability to think about topics in new ways.

Formulating your thesis (or topic) before performing the research will help you do this. When you perform your research first you will merely be repeating the thoughts of others. Formulating your thoughts and then backing them with your evidence will help you to come up with new, original, and creative ideas.

Keep all of this in mind, no matter what you’re writing. While the above examples are some of the most popular essay types, you can use the formula below to come up with a few on your own. Explain why “something” is “good or bad” to “certain people, groups, or organizations.” Using this formula we could come up with any sort of expository essay we could imagine. For instance, “Explain why highways are bad for turtles,” or “Explain why the navy is bad for marine life.” Use this formula and come up with a few ideas of your own to really impress the professor.

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