How to organize your 5 Paragraph Essays

Essays can be trivial for first year college student. Even at higher educational levels, some individual have yet to grasp the concept. With so many types of essays on the market, there are many rules in which one has to learn in order to create a well-crafted paper worth a good grade to match. Today discussion will be focused on the one-pager and how it should be structured.

What is a One-pager?

A one-pager is a one page report. The report is usually a general essay, so you can apply the general rules of construction.

The Rules:

The rules for construction are simple. To make a successful one pager you need no make the essay five well-constructed paragraphs. You will need several things to include:

  • A Introduction
  • A Body
  • And A Conclusion

These three elements are three of five that are used to construct a five paragraph essay. The other two/three elements of the paper are included in the body. These three paragraphs are dedicated to the supporting ideas related to the theses of the essay.

Constructing a Five Paragraph Essay

In order to start your paper you need a plan. Start with a mapping tool that will help you identify your main idea, and organize your supporting facts. Once you have organized your information it is time to start crafting your essay. To begin your five paragraph essay you will need to start with the introduction. The introduction should grab the reader’s attention, explain what’s to come, and state the thesis, or focus of the paper.

The Body

The body of the paper includes three paragraphs. These paragraphs list your three supporting ideas that relate back to the thesis. This is your time to back your thesis using research. Only use the most relevant points when writing your paper. Papers that include too many key points often lack focus, and can be confusing to the reader. You want your paper to stand out, and as such it needs to be clear and concise while delivering the message you are trying to get across.


The last paragraph of your five paragraph essay is exclusively devoted to the conclusion. The conclusion of your paper should summarize, for the reader, what they should have learned from the paper. It should also reiterate the thesis, main ideas, and important facts.

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