Alternative Energy Sources

In recent times, energy has been a global concern due to its ever growing demand in the market. The search for alternative means of energy continues in solar energy, hybrid-electric vehicles, wind energy and so forth. Alternative sources of energy that are renewable free and with low carbon emissions than what currently exist are the solar energy sources, wind energy, bio fuels and geothermal energy. It is important to ensure that the source of energy chosen does not deplete the environment or rather it does not bring more harm than good. Therefore, this has over the years been one of the most important factors to consider. Getting an alternative energy source is not only the problem but getting the best source with minimal harmful effects.

In our day-to-day lives, the entire world produces carbon dioxide that gets released to the atmosphere of the earth and that will still be there in many more years to come. The increased amount of carbon dioxide gases has increased the warmth of our surrounding and the plant earth in general. It has primarily been the cause of what is normally known as global warming effect. This has been a great threat over the years leading to contentious moments that culminated in the signing of the Montreal protocol to protect the ozone layer. The solution to global warming has therefore been in the effort of replacing and retrofitting the existing technologies with other alternatives that can have similar or better performance in providing energy solutions with emitting carbon dioxide.

In essence, alternative energy sources have to do with the sources of energy that do not have undesired consequences such as those of nuclear energy and fossil fuels among others. The defining feature of these alternative sources of energy is that they are renewable and are believed to be “free” sources of energy. Ideally, they all have lower emissions of carbon when compared with traditional sources of energy. There is quite a big list of both fully exploited and partially exploited alternative sources such as biomass, solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric sources.

As enabled through recycling, the use of clean energies as alternatives such as that of solar power systems will assist in ensuring the survival of man in the current century and even beyond. Therefore, the importance of alternative sources of energy cannot be overemphasized. There is a lot more that people can benefit from these sources other than the direct benefit of power.

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