How to write a personal experience essay?

A wonderful learning tool in academic writing is always a wonderful essay based on personal experiences. Oddly enough, even the most brilliant of writers often struggles with personal experience essays the most. The answer isn’t too clear as to why personal experience essays serve as a challenge to most academic writers, but due to this reoccurring pattern of struggle, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and support examples provided for writers everywhere.

What many academic writers struggle the most with in terms of personal narrative pieces is simply the beginning. Most writers in coursework are used to writing proficient thesis statements to their articles, but personal experience theses are quite different than your typical ones. When writing a thesis for a personal experience paper, you want it to be as factual as it can be, while still containing personal information in relations to your essay. Examples can be found on almost any academic writing support website that give you clear cut instructions on how to properly create an interesting thesis for your essay. Once you have properly constructed your thesis statement in your introductory paragraph, the rest should be much simpler.

Formatting Your Personal Experience Essay

When writing the body paragraphs in your personal experience essay, you want to make sure that the information is being written in a way that is constructive to the overall topic or prompt of your essay. Using personal voice and tone in your essay can certainly be an excellent attribution to any essay (when called for), but you want to make sure to avoid turning your personal experience (and still academic) essay into a rant. If your essay looks similar to a page in your diary- it might be time to re- edit.

Another key point to keep in mind while writing your personal experience essay is: be aware of your use of filler words. Filler words (words that are appear as they are “dumbing down” your essay and seem to serve as much purpose in your essay as an empty space words) often sneak out during personal writing because the style seems to be more casual than usual; words such as “really” or “like” or simple words that fill your essay in places, normally, where hard- hitting adjectives would. If you pay attention to word choice, you can control both the quality and the intelligence level of your essay and truly make it a winner.

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