Miranda Lambert's Life Story

Is there anyone more famous in country music today than Miranda Lambert? She is married to fellow country superstar Blake Shelton and they seem to produce nothing but hit songs and good times as they take the country music industry by storm. Yet Miranda Lambert wasn’t always famous and her life has a story much like many other famous people. Her story shows how a little Texas girl can dream about making it big and actually achieve it with a little talent and a lot of gumption.

Texas Girl

Lambert was born on November 10, 1983 in a little Texas town called Longview. Her parents were actually private investigators, but her father was an amateur musician and like all Texans his listened to country music which formed the early influences on young Miranda. She was encouraged to enter contests and gained some local notoriety winning contests by the age of 10. It was later that Miranda learned to play the guitar from her father and then started to write her own music. Her big break came when she was awarded a spot on a country reality show called Nashville Star. She moved to Nashville and competed for a recording contract. Although she didn’t win on the show, she did win a recording contract anyway. She later admitted that it was the best thing to happen to her, because the winner had to produce an album right away and she had a little more time to refine her music and her style.


It was in 2004 and 2005 when Lambert started to see the beginning of commercial success, with the release of songs, “Me and Charlie Talkin’ ” and then here breakout hit “Kerosene”. The tone and message of her songs caught audiences by surprise because of her sweet outward appearance. She has often stated that she wasn’t raised on sugar and spice. She continued releasing hit after hit and was even able to cross over into the main stream with a hit called, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. These pushed her profile to the stratosphere of country music. Lambert worked with Blake Shelton in 2011 and later ended up marrying him forming one of the most powerful couples in country music. Each produce hits on their own, but can also perform together. Lambert has branched out and formed a trio called the Pistol Annies with two other singers. Her popularity grows and grows as is shown by her winning female vocalist of the year at the 2013 CMA’s.

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