Biology classes help: good topics for essays

Biology is a difficult subject, mostly because of the amount of information that new students are required to learn, which may be quite immense. So when given a biology essay, realize that there is a lot of information that you are going to have to sort through. To make this easier on yourself, it is best to choose a good topic, because this will add the focus you need to get the task done. If you cannot think of any good topics, do not worry, because there are many provided here.

  1. There has been much said about environmental and habitat destruction for animals, but urban environments certainly create new niches for animals that have not been seen in nature before. Discuss how animals have adapted to these new environments and the consequences this has on nature. What kind of life now thrives in the wake of the human change in the world?
  2. Evolution is normally stated as a fact, but there are some scientists that disagree with this. Many of them say that creationism explains some of the more puzzling facts about biology, and this is a living debate at the moment in the scientific community. Should both of these things be taught in schools? Support your essay by learning the scientific facts.
  3. New species evolve all the time. What are some new species that have been though too been formed in the last hundred years, and what kind of consequences does this have to the scientific community? How are they determined to be new species and what are some specific examples of how they evolved?
  4. How does disease work? Cells that are more non-human live in our body than human cells, but many bacteria and other life do not actually do us much harm. What can we do but live with them? What makes these beneficial bacteria different from hostile bacteria, and what kind of mechanisms does the body have to differentiate between harmful and benign cells?
  5. Our brains are very complex machines, and in some ways, we still do not understand them. How does the physical brain give rise to human consciousness? Can this be explained by neuroscientists, and how did this come about? Are other organisms conscious? For example, insects do not feel pain, but many animals are capable of a wide range of emotions. How does our knowledge of the body relate to the philosophy of the mind?

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