Top essay ideas: improving your paper

When it comes to essays, you already know the basics, but it may be time now to up your writing level a bit and impress your professor with some practiced writing tactics. If you’ve finished writing your essay and are wondering if it’s any good, take a look at some expert tips on how to check yourself and possibly upgrade your essay from good, to superb.

Cut away unnecessary words

Some words your essay can simply do without because they don’t bring any contribution to your paper. Words like that, even, really and others are often overused in sentences and could be done away with. Don’t look for an excuse to fill up your word count because each word has the potential to win you a point. If it doesn’t, scrap it!

Avoid clichés

Professors seldom appreciate clichés in your essay, and frankly, they just take up undeserved space for the value they bring to your writing. Consider avoiding them altogether.

Overusing words

Check to see that your sentences don’t start with the same words. Starting a sentence with a different word each time makes your essay read more conversational and will improve the overall flow.

Using synonyms in the same sentence

Using two different words that mean the same thing in a sentence should be avoided. Look at this sentence: The milkshake we shared was tasty and delicious. Tasty and delicious pretty much describe the same quality. Instead, change one of the adjectives to something like refreshing, and consider using the word in a way that describes an effect on you, rather than a quality of the object, seeing that one adjective already accomplishes that purpose.

Small ideas within one big idea

There’s an art to making sure your essay contains relevant points to your topic and doesn’t waste away your word count on irrelevant information. Do this by looking at your essay as a whole and then checking how many sentences are smaller, related facts that pertain to what you’re attempting to convey.

Don’t let your opinion be vague

The reader of your essay must be able to discern your viewpoint on all aspects of your writing. Don’t leave any theory hanging in the air. Professors give out essay assignments in order to get a glimpse into your personality, so don’t try and avoid giving your opinion, no matter how controversial it is.

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