10 Bad Expository College Essay Topics

A bad essay topic can have disastrous results when applying to a selective college. A highly skilled student who has generally written excellent essays to date, still have little chance with the topics below. If you are eager for that admission letter, steer clear of the following list of expository essay topics when crafting your admissions essay.

That Night you spent in Jail

More successful students than you might think may have content for this topic but it should be an obvious example of a topic that should never be considered for you expository essay.

The Hero Inside you

This could be a decent topic for a college admissions expository essay. You must be hyper-vigilant, keeping yourself out of the arrogant tone it may take on.

Stay off of the Soapbox by Avoiding Sermons on Religion or Politics

You can be thoughtful and create a well-written expository essay these topics. Great attention must be afforded to avoid the appearance of a closed-mind. You could offend or appear to lecture the reader, neither of which is wise.

Your Sex Life so far

This one should be another obviously bad essay topic. Enough said.

Boy I have it Bad

Writing is therapeutic. This topic is bad for an expository essay because there is a high probability the admissions committee may be comfortable, or make them question if you are really ready to take on college at this time.

Your Travel Stories

Travel can be a life-changing experience. This topic is in the bad category because it is too common and you may end up simply listing your experiences rather than analysing them.

Everyone has Used Drugs at Some Point, Right?

It is laudable if you have overcome past issues you may have had with drugs but this is not the place to broadcast that.

It Was Not Your Fault Excuses

It can be tempting to explain some less than stellar grades with a past illness or a death in the family, but not in your expository essay. It does not hurt to let the college know but let a doctor or a guidance counselor write that for you.

Let me List off My Accomplishments

A college application has a place for you to show how wonderful you are, however your expository essay should not be the place. Redundancy is a bad topic and does little to impress.

My Friends Think I am Hilarious

Your witty sense of humor is not necessarily the worrisome part but the attempted are where the essay falls apart.

Way too often these bad topics, when used as your expository college admissions essay, will sink your application so keep clear of them. Show your brilliance in better ways with proper topics.

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