Choosing the Essay Thesis

Thesis statement of an essay means the statement that tells reader what they are about to read or what is the essay about. It also states your opinion about that particular topic. To make your point you must take an overview of the whole outline and plan of the essay. After that you must decide what you are going to state as your opinion. Essay statement mostly consists of two parts; the first part gives the topic while the second one is about your opinion of the topic. For example, Indian culture has a rich history of tradition and customs. No in this statement you have stated in the first part topic of the essay, which is "Indian culture". In the second part you have given your opinion of the Indian culture that is "has a rich history of tradition and customs".

The above thesis statement is not only a statement. While it contains both topic and the opinion, it also contains information of what the essay is going to be about. The reader will know what is going to be addressed in the essay from this thesis statement. He will know that the writer will talk about the traditions and customs of the Indian culture and also what makes this culture rich in history.

  • The thesis statement performs the function for the essay as well as for the reader. It is necessary to state a thesis as the reader has a clear idea about the discussion in the essay. The thesis statement should be clear and strong. It should not be ambiguous. Stating a clear thesis statement makes the topic effective and also raises the interest of reader.
  • Thesis statement is reflection of your essay and also your style of writing. A clear statement of thesis is proving that writer has given to the point discussion and strong basis of arguments in the essay. So do not take thesis statement for granted and be focused while writing it.
  • Thesis statement acts as a road map to the essay. This is what builds expectation of the reader. It answers the questions directly. It is usually the first statement of the first paragraph of essay.

A thesis emerges as a result of long process of thinking and contemplating over the topic and outline of your essay. It somehow, determines the fate of your essay by being a reflection of the essay.

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