Evidence Based Nursing Implications

When it comes to being a nurse today, there are going to be a lot more information that you have to become aware of than just blindly helping a patient. The latest movement in the industry is known as evidence based nursing and it has significant impacts on the treatment that a patient is going to receive. Evidence based nursing or EBN is the practice of implementing a treatment based on prior evidence, fact, research and opinion. So when you see a nurse about an ailment, the treatment that she orders and follows will be according to a historical treatment. Although some adhere to a strict EBN meaning that only medical studies are used to dictate treatment, others use studies and opinions of experts as well. This is a hit or miss method of treatment that seems to be gaining in popularity as treatment is beginning to become much more institutional and monitored by government programs.

No Thinking Method

Whenever there are advances created in any industry, there is a significant risk that the people who are practicing something like EBN are not thinking of the long term effects of their decisions but merely making choices that are prescribed by a certain protocol described by case histories from the past. This can lead to a large portion of the healthcare system working without much thought and not being able to adjust as new information or personal history becomes available. It would seem that there is the significant potential for even more damage to be done.

Often times, the EBN approach can leave patients on the outside looking in at their treatment options. The wants, needs and desires of the patients are placed on the back burner as those in charge of treatment move blindly ahead with a treatment option that may or may not be in the best interest of overall health of the patient.


The major problem is going to be that some nurses are going to be able to evaluate the case study information and other facts quicker and more efficiently than others. That means that the quality of care a patient receives is going to be directly proportional to the mental abilities of the nurse that fate puts them in contact with. This will make the EBN system to seem viable in some cases and not so viable in others. If a patient should be stuck with a really poor nurse who either lacks the skill or ability to read case studies appropriately then there is a chance the patient could be actually harmed.

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