Writing an original Five Paragraph Essay from Scratch

Sometimes writing essays can be a tiring and cumbersome job. But if you have a mastery of the writing step, you will realize this is an easy job for you. Once you learn the steps, essay writing will be a fun exercise for you. This guide will offer you 10 steps of writing an essay.

  1. Conduct a preliminary research. Before you begin to write on a given topic, conduct a detailed research on the topic. This will increase your understanding on the topic and make you an expert on the issue. Research can be done from online sources, in the library or asking for expert opinion. Remember to take notes as they will guide you in later stages of this process.
  2. Do an analysis of the information that you have collected. This will help you separate main idea and sample different argument on the research topic.
  3. Essays require your own insight into the issue. This requires you to brain storm so as to enhance your brilliance.
  4. Select the best idea and put it down as your thesis statement. This will guide through the essay writing process.
  5. Put down an outline for your essay. This will give you an overview of the structure your essay is going to assume. An outline is a map that shows you how the paragraphs will appear and which ideas will appear on each of the paragraphs.
  6. This is the stage where you sit down and begin writing your essay. First is the introduction. This should catch the reader’s attention, highlight the discussion topic and introduce your thesis statement.
  7. The body paragraphs will now follow the introduction. Each paragraph should represent a new idea related to the thesis. Always start sentences with the topic sentences. These are sentences carrying the main though in that paragraph. To follow are the detailed explanations to the topic sentences.
  8. Conclusion. This is a closing statement of paragraph for your essay. It should sum up all the idea expressed in the essay and gives your final thought on the topic.
  9. Ensure your essay follows the correct format as required by your instructor.
  10. This requires you to go through the essay and correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Proofread and ensure all your ideas have been expressed well. Ensure the sentences are well structured and that your essay meets the requirement given.

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