Best Ads of 2012

“Ads,” a short form for advertisement, is an announcement made publicly in a newspaper or on the radio, television or internet to show the availability of something such as an event, a product for sale or a need. It is done by commercial advertisers to increase the rate of consumption of products or services by way of associating certain qualities to a product name in the minds of consumers. Different websites rate and grade their lists for the best advertisement of the year with different measure and categories. This essay seeks to discuss 3 websites and their best advertisement for the year 2012.

Buzzfeed Website

The buzzfeed website has displayed its top 12 advertisements for the year 2012 on its website with the best been the “Denmark has the best buses in the world” advertisement. This advertisement tries to portray the commercial buses of Denmark as the best in the world. It explains that the advertisement makes Denmark’s public transport look stimulating and fashionable and states that it is the most epic public transportation advertisement ever made.

Adweek Website

The Adweek website has chosen The Guardian’s advertisement titled “three little pigs” by BBH London as its best advertisement for the year 2012. On the website a picture of three men with pig costumes is displayed. It further explains the story behind the picture stating how the pigs’ houses got blown down by a wolf and The Guardian’s reporter, with help from social media readers, went through great lengths to uncover the story. The website also explains that The Guardian, through this advertisement, has rebuked those questioning the importance of newspapers in today’s world.

Business Insider

The Business Insider website also chose The Guardian’s advertisement titled “three little pigs” by BBH London as their best advertisement for the year 2012. It explains a little about the advertisement and ends its statement praising it.


Towards the end of the year different social and mass media rate and grade the advertisements done through the year. They come out with different ratings sometimes producing similar results. The year 2012 is not left out, while two websites in this essay indicated that The Guardian’s three little pigs by BBH London is their best advertisement in this essay, one website thinks differently. There are more websites with their own opinion on the list of best advertisement for the year 2012. Different people have different opinion on this issue so it all . depends on the individuals involved.

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