Writing a college essay on medical marijuana

If you decide to write a medical marijuana essay, you will not be alone. It is a very popular topic and unless it's been approved by your teacher or tutor, you might want to get that permission first knowing that there are so many essays on this topic. You could of course find a new angle or a different approach to the topic but whatever you do, check first with your educational institution to get the go-ahead. Sometimes writing about a topic which has been done to death, so to speak, is not a wise move because your essay will be compared to thousands of others on the same topic.

Take a position

This is an important move in the creation of your medical marijuana essay. Walking both sides of the street is not a good idea. Develop a thesis statement and then work through the essay providing evidence to support that statement.

Research will always be required in order for you to create an interesting and factual essay. And it will also give you a background from which you can launch your writing. Medical marijuana has been used by people in different countries around the world for an extremely long time, for centuries. It was only a legal herb in the United States of America up to 1937. Then it was declared an illegal herb and it was a crime to sell marijuana.

There is an argument to be developed about the efficacy of medical marijuana. You will need to cite reputable sources where people discuss the benefits of the herb. Of course you will be able to find many people who suffer from chronic and painful conditions who swear by the benefits they believe they receive from medical marijuana. But if you are to mount a case for making marijuana legal for medical purposes, you will need to establish two major points:

  1. ● reputable medical authorities recommend the herb
  2. ● reputable medical authorities do not believe there are harmful side effects

This is a whole new approach to the topic. There have long been arguments which state that the use of marijuana can lead to poor health and to unsafe medical conditions even many years down the track. You will need to research the various studies which have considered this topic and be able to quote from them to support the argument you make in your medical marijuana essay.

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