How to Do My Essay: 5 Suggestions on How to Get the Top Mark

If you want to succeed in high school and aim for top marks, forget about simple tests, tasks of choosing one correct answer out of many false ones and picking facts from a book without understanding. Writing an essay is one of many important parts of education. It does not only develop writing and analyzing skills, it helps you understand the essence of the subject you are working on.

However, writing an essay can be rather daunting. The following tips will help you get the top mark on your assignment:

  1. Make a plan.
  2. Write down short, yet important points of your work, so you`ll not forget or mess them later. Use a wide range of relevant sources: books, magazines, journals, academic papers, newspapers, and the Internet. Track sources of the facts you`ll use in your current paper. And spend some time choosing and organizing your references. This plan will help you stay focused and not get lost in the mass of information on your topic.

  3. Work on your text.
  4. A solid text is difficult to read. Divide your essay into sections with clear meanings of the topic and adhere to them. Choose simple, understandable, commonly used words. Use short, yet succinct sentence structure. Thus you show clarity and logic of your thinking and ability to express arguments without losing your point of view.

  5. Do not overdo.
  6. It is important to work on your essay. You should be laconic. Explain your ideas briefly. Avoid verbose writing, don`t stretch your text. “The less is more”, thus, don`t hesitate to use fewer words and cut unnecessary parts. Each paragraph should express one idea. Don`t ignore facts and claims that disprove your idea. Use more than one type of evidence in your work. A good essay should contain different viewpoints. Nevertheless, don`t mix controversial and main arguments together.

  7. Edit.
  8. Proofread you text. Make sure to check grammar, stylistics, punctuation, and quotations. Give your work an evaluation. Analyze your previous assignments and compare them with the well-written ones. Find strong points and apply them to your current paper. Avoid plagiarism. Use your own ideas, come up with original opinions.

  9. Practice.
  10. It is true that one cannot write a perfect essay without hard work and effort right away. However, practice guarantees improving your writing skills. Additionally, reading helps broaden your vocabulary, form your point of view, figure out the essence of the subject you study. You can acquire a skill of writing a good essay by persistent reading, writing, and revising. Ask for help if you need it. Reread your text and rewrite parts you are unsure about.

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