How to Create a Unique Friendship Essay for College

Why write a unique friendship essay for college? First ask yourself what you think friendship is. Chances are you won’t be able to define it; in fact, even the most reputable of people and sources all won’t be able to come to a consensus on what the meaning of the word “friends” or “friendship” is.

This is why writing an essay about friendship is already unique before you even begin to write it. Friends are unique. So simply writing an essay about friendship is unique as well. When sitting down to write your unique friendship essay, here are some important things to think about:

  • Who was the first friend you ever had? You might have to think back a long time into your life on this one, but maybe the first friend you ever made remains your best friend today. Write about how that very first friend, whether you are still friends or not, affected your views on friendship.
  • How many friends do you have? As in, how many friends do you have? This isn’t talking about your Facebook friends, all the people you’re following on Twitter, or all the people you know in person. This is talking about your real, honest, genuine friends. People who you trust and love spending time with, and who you feel you could talk to about anything. When you’re sad and need comfort, they give it to you. When you’re happy and want to go have some fun, they’ll have fun with you. When you need a hand, they’ll lend on to you. And above all, a friend is someone you’d be willing to give all of these things in turn to without question. You’d comfort them, you’d have fun with them, and you’d led them a hand. Without any hesitation.
  • Do you know anybody who you could have become friends with, but didn’t? Did you regret it? If you could go back in time just to try and become friends with that person, would you?
  • Are there people you thought were you friends? If you don’t know the answer to this question quite yet, try asking this: did you give them comfort, fun and a hand, but they didn’t give it in return? Or did they betray you, sell you out, or only use you? Rather than remain bitter towards these people, write about how you feel you could (and should) reconcile with these people.
  • Do family count as friends? Most certainly. At least they should…

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