Illustrative Essays: Identify your Target Audience

When you write an essay, basically you are thinking about, organizing and relaying your thoughts on a particular subject to the world through the vehicle of your essay. Creating an illustrative essay is a chance to show the world about your thoughts and feelings toward any particular topic. In order to create a relevant piece of work that fulfills the requirements of an assignment and allows for freedom of expression, it takes practice. There are a number of simple steps that you can take to make sure that your reflective essay is simple to write and says something fantastic to the world.

Identify What You Are Illustrating

The first thing a writer needs to establish is specifically what they are going to be writing about, and in this case what element is going to be illustrated within the context of your essay. It is important to create a main idea to write around so that all of your supporting fact and thoughts can support that topic. Much like constructing a building an essay is built on a solid foundation of facts and the structure is made from the materials that are congruent with the base. If your essay is going to illustrate why Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president in history, that statement is your foundation and all of the facts would clearly be illustrating why you think this way.

A Great Opening Paragraph

Once you have developed your idea and written a great opening sentence, create a stellar opening paragraph that entices and invites the audience to invest into what you are writing. This does not have to be an overly long paragraph, but it does need to be well thought out. The thoughts and ideas of this paragraph will guide the construction of the rest of the illustrative essay.

Outline Appropriately

Then an author should construct an outline of their vision of the essay that will be the road map toward the completion of a fantastic paper. The idea you are illustrating should be running throughout the whole process and as you learn more facts, the outline can be adjusted as information changes. The writing process should follow the outline appropriately. The great part of using an outline is that the author can gain an overview of the material and understand what fits best in which parts. The ideas can be moved, or deleted as the topic or essay demands.

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