Did The Roman Empire Fall Or Does It Still Exist Today

The fall of the Roman Empire is a topic that has led to the conclusive report on how even today although the empire having faded away it still exists but in a different form. The Roman Empire stood as a strong political entity which with time due to wars and civil unrest eventually split into two; East and West empires. The West Empire had its capital centered in Rome while the East had its capital centered in Constantinople. The West was later taken over by Barbarians in 476AD thus left the East Empire to continue its reign for another a thousand years. The East Empire began to crumble due to administrative wrangles and eventually it became succeeded by the Byzantine Empire.

The Byzantine believed they were to be equal to the Romans in all aspects and thus assimilated the Roman culture into theirs. However, they slowly changed several aspects of their culture such as language and religion. The Roman Empire was based on paganism but later on changed to Catholicism, they also held onto Latin as their main language. The Byzantine on the other hand changed their religion to orthodox Christianity and their language to Greek. However much different the two Empires seem the Byzantine Empire maintained Rome’s large central base expanding over vast territories.

With time modernism changed the Byzantine Empire which adopted foreign policies and became split into several states. Looking at the Roman Empire it was mainly characterized by Catholic religion and the Latin language. The Catholic Society in many ways represents the Roman Empire although with many changes to its administrative standards. As Roman Empire was headed by a central figure the Catholic society is headed by the Pope. Both have vast control over larger regions although the Catholic society maintains its hold through religion. Both have the same capital as Rome and have their common language as Latin.

With such a look at how the Roman Empire was from its reign to the present day it is possible to conclude that in many ways the empire did seem to fall. However it continued to thrive in different forms from the Byzantine Empire to the current Catholic Society. The Catholic society has become the new Roman Empire with a central figure, having retained and promoted the use of Latin, based its capital in Rome and having a stronghold on vast regions. Although politically the Roman Empire and the catholic society have few similarities both are based on common ideologies.

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