A list of good research paper topics for high school

One of the major types of paper that high school students will be asked to write is a research paper. This is one of the most involved paper and longest paper that will be required in high school. The main purpose of making a student write a research paper is to teach them how to research a topic and come up with a generalized conclusion regarding this topic. They also have to use analysis to determine the reasons why they came up with that analysis.

Finding a good topic for a research paper is very important. The main reason is that if you have a good topic for your paper, you will have an easier time writing it. A good topic is one that is relevant to the course of study and is interesting at the same time. Here are some topics to consider writing about. You can use these ideas to get you thinking.

  1. Environmental Awareness
  2. Standardized tests
  3. Uniforms in school
  4. Death Penalty
  5. Animal cloning
  6. Euthanasia
  7. Impact of racial discrimination
  8. Women in the military
  9. Importance of recycling
  10. Teen pregnancy
  11. Animal testing
  12. Use of natural resources
  13. Child abuse
  14. Divorce
  15. Global warming
  16. Human rights violations

You can choose any one of these topics and so many more and create a topic out of it. For example, you can write a paper about how divorce affects children. These topics are fairly broad so that you can come up with a good topic idea. Do some research on the topic and then create your thesis. You thesis should either answer your topic question or it should be a depiction of what you are trying to express to your audience.

Be sure to choose a topic that interests you and one that is relevant to the class that you are taking. When writing your research paper make sure that you explain the reasons why you believe your thesis statement. An outline can be very helpful in organizing your ideas to ensure that you have everything covered and that you have not included information that does not pertain to the topic. When you have a clear plan, your paper comes out more organized and it is easier for the reader to follow. Don’t skip this step because it is very important.

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