What Goes into Writing a Good High School Essay?

If you are a teen whose English or social study grades are suffering because of their inability to write a great essay, we have a few helpful tips that might help. You see, many students don’t understand that the most important part of essay writing is presentation structure, not content, and that many teachers grade this first and concepts second. Even an essay that presents strong ideas, but is poorly written will not get the grade that they disserve. Knowing what goes into writing a good high school essay is actually about knowing how to impress the teacher with your knowledge of essay formatting.

The first thing that we want to encourage you to do is a take better notes inside of your class. Often, the teacher presents all the research that you need in for your essay in the classroom. Instead of spending tons of time looking for resources to write your essay, your classroom notes should have all the data that you need to compose a proper essay paper. Also, by doing this you won’t have to spend much time citing sources and fact checking because the evidence that you use will be straight from your teachers lesson plan. How great is that?

The next thing that high school students need to know is that a perfect essay doesn’t have to be extensively long. In fact, most high school topics can be covered thoroughly in roughly five paragraphs, granted that the author can stay on topic and use only the most relevant information to make their case. Mastering the 5-paragraph essay structure can be a great way a student to work smarter, not harder and still achieve above average grades.

Another thing that many young teen scholars have yet to realize is that an essay isn’t about “your” opinions and feelings but more about something you believe that can be defended by facts. Instead of wasting valuable vocabulary describing how you can relate to the subject matter try to take a more scientific approach. Thesis, hypothesis, evidence example A, B, & C, conclusion and done.

Tah-dah, you just wrote an A+ essay without getting personally involved at all. This is what your instructors what to see, just remember that an essay is meant to assess your understanding of a concept or idea, not to journal your personal thoughts and feelings.

Writing better high school essays can be easy, when you know the secrets that teachers don’t cover in class. By following these simple essential concepts, you are also preparing for post secondary education, where you will likely be required to write even MORE essays.

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