Helpful Essay Paragraphing Hints:

Sometimes when writing, it is not clear when to make a break and create a new paragraph. This distinction is important, however, as the way to organize paragraphs will help convey a clearer message and help the flow of the essay overall. The voice of a good essay is to be clear and concise, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to break up the paragraphs in a sensible manner.

Here are some tips for you to consider when determining when a paragraph should start and end:

  • Ideas - Every time you are presenting a new idea, start a new paragraph. This will make the ideas more presentable to the reader and also feature the idea in its own spotlight. By doing so, the information reads stronger and is able to be easily and readily remembered after the reader finishes the essay.
  • Breaking up information - When you have a lot of information to be consumed, it is best to break up the bold pieces of information to make it more digestible. For example, if writing about the entire career of an artist, the information can be broken up and arranged into paragraphs depending on different periods of the artist. This way, it does not feel exhaustive to the reader to be taking in all of the information. Rather, you are displaying the information in bite size, but still informative pieces.
  • Chronology - In the instance of writing about something that takes place over a large amount of time, break up the time frames by creating new paragraphs. It is best to section off the paragraphs by specific times and dates of history. For notable events, that is deserving of its own paragraph, which should not be muddled by other information. That way, the importance of the event stands out and the essay will not seem cluttered.
  • Separating facts from opinion - When writing, it is sometimes a good idea to separate paragraphs between facts and opinion. By presenting facts in its own paragraph first, and then having the following paragraph a follow up or analysis, it makes the essay read more logically and in the end will create a stronger piece. It will also come through to the reader which of the information is bias, and which of the information is factual.

Keeping in mind these tips while writing will result in an excellent piece that will surely help your writing style. Remember to break up the information, and be concise!

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