Political Discourse on Government

These days the government is often not talked about. Instead we rely on politics, simply seeming to accept the fact the government was going to control us and do as they wanted to do. It was thought that those who want to talk about the government were overthinking processes and not leaving the process in the right hands. It is estimated that it was the 1930s when the nature of government and the expectations thereof changed and instead of the usual and meaningful debates bills are debated and no one really discusses the government in depth.

No one is Talking

It seems that, regardless of the stance that one takes on a particular issue, they are afraid to discuss the matter in any detail. They have fallen into the demonization and hold back their true feelings and the things that they would really like to state. It seems that politicians are arguing against what the other person has to say rather than arguing for the things they believe in. rather than use reasoning and results and states people oftentimes resort to unethical tactics simply to provide their point. This is one of the reasons that president Lincoln is praised even today –he accepted the opposition and what they had to say.

What is it all about?

Rather than arguing the opposing side to have an invalid or bad argument it is time to focus more on what you want, and what you see rather than simply accepting what someone else has to say. Things should not be about convincing another person that they are wrong or that their point of view is wrong, rather focus should be placed on proving why your argument is the more valid of the two.


To take back the government we must speak up and say what is on our mind rather than focusing on what the other person has to say. Government needs to prove their thought rather than worry about proving someone else is wrong. This is all a part of a good debate, yet something that seems to be long forgotten. It is time that we start talking, start expressing what is on our minds rather than allow ourselves to be controlled by the government. Our voices are there for us to use to say the things that are felt and the government should not be allowed to take this away from anyone.

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