Child Sexual Abuse

The subject of sexual abuse is always a very difficult one. When the issue touches on children it even becomes worse to talk about it. Sexual abuse of children is a very serious problem affecting our society today. It is a vice that happens almost every day of our life in the society in which we live. Whether known or not, there is at least one case of child sexual abuse in our surrounding. Sexual abuse amongst children has drawn a lot of concern in the community and has been the focus of many professional and legislative initiatives. This is evident through the massive literature works published about sexual abuse and the increased media coverage of such scenes.

Well, child sexual abuse is a kind of child abuse by an older person using a child for sexual stimulation. Child abuse can take the form of pressuring a child to take part in sexual activities not considering the outcome, indecent exposure of human genitals to a child with a sole purpose of gratifying personal sexual desires or groom or intimidate the young one, physical sexual contact with a young child or creating phonography films using children. This is a non-exhaustive list of examples. In most cases, this happens through body contact even though it is not always the only way.

In most cases, the children who undergo sexual abuse experience it from people known to them. They could face this evil from neighbors, family members, babysitters or family friends. A good number of the sexual abuses involve children and this has been a worrying trend. Men have been found to abuse children sexually more than women have. The law requires people to report any cases of abuse that may have been suspected in children. For the reason that some cases may not have a physical proof, it is very important for parents and guardians to monitor behavioral changes amongst children to establish any cases of child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse can be a very complex problem where the victim is usually not able to resist it from taking its course. The offender may even derive pleasure without the knowledge of the minor and that is how serious the issue can be. It may involve massaging, causing the minor to touch the adult’s sexual organ and touching the child inappropriately. It is a problem that has taken roots in the society and indeed a challenging one to curb.

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