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The key to writing an essay that your teacher will love is to follow the guidelines given to you in class very closely. Even if you have a spelling error here, or a grammar mistake there, your teacher might overlook those if you’ve followed his requirements for margins, spacing, cover page(s), or other things. Although if grammar and spelling is one of the requirements, make sure to make your essay as mistake-free as you possibly can. This is a situation where your teacher will likely take his instructions that he gave to the class and have your essay beside it. He’ll go through each one, checking if you followed the instructions or not. Even just doing that much, if your writing isn’t the greatest or your wordage is confusing in parts, it will be okay.

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The next most important thing is to make sure you have a solid outline before you start writing even the first word. Start by writing down each part of your essay. If it needs an introduction, conclusion, or other parts in the structure, then write those down as headings in the order you need them to occur. Try to take all of your research and fit it into its appropriate heading. Once you have everything organized by the part of the essay that it will be involved with, and then you can start filling it out more. Take each reference and instead of just writing down the name of the material, type out the actual quote or paraphrasing that you’re going to use in the final essay. This way, all you have to do is to write in between the quotes to connect everything into an amazing essay that flows with beautiful prose.

After you’ve got your first draft in hand, it’s time to start the editing. First, take some time off. Let your essay sit overnight and do other things for the rest of the day. Then, the next day you’ll have gained a bit of distance from your writing and will be able to better objectively cut and trim unnecessary pieces. Read it all the way through once, without stopping and think about your initial reaction to your words. If there was any error or mistake that really jumped out at you, then fix it now. Afterwards, read it through again and focus on each individual sentence for the right words and pace.

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