A Useful Tutorial to Professional Essay Writing

Having the ability to successfully write a professional essay is an indispensable skill that many people today don’t have. It allows you to think critically, organize your thoughts accordingly, and know how to effectively argue for pretty much any topic at hand. It also gives you the edge of being ahead of the others in the academic and professional world, making you appear much more professional, ambitious and serious than you might seem at first glance.

Professional essay writing follows the same concepts of Introduction, Supporting Paragraphs, and Conclusion as most other essay formats. But rather than focus on the steps to write an essay, this article will dig into different tips you will need to memorize for become a successful pro essay writer.

  • Research
  • If you want to be a professional essay writer, you have to know how to effectively research…and it’s not exactly as simple as it sounds. You have to learn to take an objective look at a wide variety of sources. Books, online sites, interviews, videos, documents, encyclopedias, the news, anything. Make it a habit to read through evidence from each of these sources when preparing your essay. Find out which sources are relevant and which ones are trustworthy; using an untrustworthy source as evidence diminishes your professional appeal considerably, no matter how fancy of a suit you have on.

    You must also learn how to organize you research. Know which information came from what source; organize the type of sources (Interview, encyclopedia…), and start writing an outline. By this point, you should also be brainstorming your thesis as well. Write down multiple potential thesis statements and gradually narrow them down as the researching phase of the essay writing process winds down.

  • Discipline
  • Proofread your work. This cannot be enunciated enough. You must have absolutely perfect grammar and spelling if you want your essay to truly be professional. If you claim you’re a professional and your reader finds a misspelled word or an incorrect use of a capital letter, you’re in trouble. You want to be professional right?

    Don’t be afraid to show your work to close friends and family members and let them proofread your work. They should be more than willing to help you and not only will point out simple grammatical or spelling mistakes, but other flaws in your essay as well.

    Write with the mental mindset that the essay you are writing currently may not be your final draft. You want your completed essay to be absolutely perfect, and if that means you’ll have to rewrite your essay with the new draft being substantially different from the previous one, that’s okay. Just know that you are progressing in the right direction and are still on the same essay.

    Set deadlines for yourself so that your essay will be completed on time.

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