How to write a strong hypothesis for a research paper

When you are writing any type f research paper you need to ensure you have a strong hypothesis or thesis. This should be included in the introductory paragraph of your text.

The Thesis Statement

When you are writing a classification research essay your thesis statement should offer the reader your topic and how you are planning to classify your topic. You might start off like this:

Tourists visiting the Bahamas can partake of three water sports: sailing as well as surfing and diving.

How to Write Effective Classification Essays

  1. The first step in writing an effective classification essay is to determine your categories. Be thorough in doing this. For example: if you are writing about water sports in the Bahamas you should not leave out snorkelling as it is one of the most famous water sports in the area. On the other hand you do not want your paper to be overflowing with categories because it will blur the actual classification.
  2. The second step in writing an effective classification essay is to classify your content using a single principle. Make sure your organization fits within the confines of that single principle. Do not let other principles pop up in the middle of your paper. For example if you are writing about tourist based water sports do not veer away to diving for pearls or racing in a canoe which are native water sports rather than tourist water sports.
  3. The third step in writing an effective classification essay is to support each category you have with examples. You should write the same number of examples for every category. The most important category might require a few additional examples and is often reserved for the final paragraph in the body of your text.

Common Transitions for a Classification Essay

If you are writing a classification essay and looking for good transitions consider the following examples

  • The first kind, followed by the second kind, and finally the third kind
  • The first type, followed by the second type, and finally the third type
  • The first group, followed by the second group, and finally the third group

Remember: The purpose of your classification essay is to sort things into categories. You must therefore organize your content into useful categories first and use a single organizing principle to do this. Always provide examples of each category as well.

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