Top Ideas On Writing An Expository Essay

An expository essay explains or defines a process or event. The essay provides clarification through facts to help you understand how something works. This may be considered one of the easiest types of essays to write since there is so many things that can be explained or defined through written details. When doing an essay of this nature it helps to select something you know well or something you feel you can explain clearly. When you are familiar with the process or line of events, it makes it easier to write and easy to follow for readers. The following ideas are commonly used for expository essays.

  • How do you get admission into a college or university?
  • How do you prepare for your first year of college?
  • How do you study for an SAT or ACT?
  • Why do teenagers have problems with peer pressure?
  • How does someone from another country gain citizenship of another country? (example: American citizenship if you are from Great Britain)
  • How do you adopt a child from another country?
  • How does a library get new books added to its catalog system?
  • Why do kids drop out of school?
  • How does the earth rotate?
  • What is the best way to understand the bible?
  • How does DNA make us different?

Additional Ideas and Tips to Consider for Expository Essay Writing

There are many ideas that are actually in the form of a question. Others may follow a how-to format, but you are working to explain details and steps behind the topic. Ideas will vary depending on overall interest and field of study. When selecting an idea think about something you can explain clearly without missing steps. Present to process in a way you would want it to be told to you. Think about the main idea of your topic and what you want people to know. This can help you understand how to explain related processes.

Think about your reading audience and how to present something of interest. You should be able to write about your topic in an informative and interesting way. This can be a challenge when presenting details of something of common interest such as how to find a pair of pants that will fit. Consider topic ideas best for your academic level. If you choose something too complex to explain you may have problems trying to define and explain related steps.

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