Culture Changes in Governments

In governments, it is particularly important to be able to have a culture change as an objective when considering the growth of the nation. Particularly in the United States government, this is an objective that is sought after in order to promote economic growth for the nation as well as opportunities for all Americans. In order to improve, there are driving initiatives of the government in order to keep up with modern times and to address new and pressing issues that may not have been considered before. Among the most recent culture change in governments, particularly in the United States, is the drive for sustainability in many different sectors that is regulated by the government. This is an example of a culture change that is being pursued by law-makers in order to keep citizens safe, regulate industry practices, and to keep with the theme of modernizing in a progressive manner.

Because diversity creates challenges as well as strengths, it is important for governments to approach a culture change. This is so that they can pursue strategies that will embrace opportunities that will collaborate, increase performance, and enhance customer service as well. This is an interdisciplinary action that takes strong leadership, planning, and execution teams to implement the open government initiative. Some of the sustainable practices that are being approached as a culture change in the United States government is developing initiatives that will be aimed to promote sustainable and resilient fisheries, for instance. This is also being followed up with a need to create scientific and technological innovation in order to advance the sciences and overall industry. In addition, alternative energy laws are being considered as well in order to bring another interdisciplinary layer that is better promoted via a culture change in the government. When it is decided that a culture change is necessary towards a common goal, that is when real change and progression happens in the government.

Culture changes in the government have always been a fluid and organic process of successful governments that value foresight and vision. It is a vital component of law making in order to achieve progression in desired areas. Culture change in the government is also important in order to keep up with the rapidly changing times and to confront new issues, which in this case sustainability is among one of the major concerns. All in all, culture changes in government need to be interdisciplinary and multifaceted in order to see true change.

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