Should Spanking Be Legalized

The concept of spanking continues to be a debate for various reasons. Parents and guardians of their children may feel offended when someone tries to criticize their way of discipline. Others feel when a child has done something wrong they deserve a good spanking. Then, there are those who may take the concept too far in which it may be considered child abuse. There are people who feel you should not put your hands or use an object in any way toward a child and wonder what is that supposed to prove? Spanking could be legalized but to what extent? What should happen if people voted to legalize the act?

Spanking is something people either agree or disagree with. Many people have said they have been spanked as a child and feel they turned out fine. It seems to be an old act of discipline when a child does not want to comply with a demand or if they did something wrong when they should have known better. Sometimes a parent feels it is necessary depending on the situation, such as if they took something that did not belong to them, brought home a poor report card, or hurt another person for no reason. Others feel spanking is simply an act that is replicated because it was done before in their family and it is just a way of life.

Legalizing this act would likely run into several problems. Some people like the idea of having a child spanked or paddled in schools before many districts did away with it. There could be limitations in place to consider such as when would a child be spanked, who would do it, how would it be done, and what would happen if things went too far? Some people feel no one can tell them what they can and cannot do when it comes to disciplining their child. And in many cases the parent has a point.

If the act was illegal people would still do it anyway but the child could be threatened further if they tried to tell someone they were spanked. There is also the issue of potential psychological and behavior problems of a child that has been spanked. Many people may feel the idea of legalizing spanking is somewhat silly. Yet, others wonder what would happen if you were not allowed to spank your child. There are other non-physical ways of discipline that may help, but others feel they may not be enough and resort to spanking in the end.

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