Transition Words and Phrases to make your Essay perfect 

Transition words and phrases are very essential in connecting paragraphs and sentences. These words or phrases simply help you when jumping from one sentence to other. If these words are not used, sentences often seem irrelevant and ineffective. They implant very robust connection between ideas. This words and phrases are especially useful in all kinds of essays. They can make your essay perfect in many ways.

  • Flow of writing:
  • Transition words and phrases in an essay help to maintain the flow of essay. Use of words like ‘also’, ‘as well’, ‘and’, ‘moreover’, ‘besides’, etc. make it work really well and ideas are connected so effectively that different ideas seem to comprise one main body of the essay.

  • Connectivity:
  • Along with the flow, transition words or phrases also connect ideas or sentences in such a way that they give impression of one idea or at least look as if they belong to the same subject. Connectivity and flow of ideas are very much interrelated to each other and contribute mutually to enhance power of essay and both come mainly from transition words or phrases.

  • Adding information:
  • Another feature of transition words is that they help to add information by connecting parts of it through words such as ‘also’, ‘in addition’, ‘furthermore’, ‘then’, ‘too’ etc.

  • Conceding a point:
  • When you want to acknowledge an idea, transition phrases and words help you the most. Along with concession, they also help to intensify an idea.

  • Comparing or contrasting ideas:
  • Both Comparison and contrast of ideas are facilitated by transition words. In case of comparison, words like similarly, in the same way, likewise, in like manner, in similar fashion are used. While in contrasting ideas, words like yet, nevertheless, and yet, nonetheless, after all, but, however, though, otherwise, on the contrary etc are used.

  • Providing example:
  • Other significant ways in which transition words help you are clarification, cause and effect, purpose, demonstratives, pronouns, summary, time, order, place, qualification etc. you can see that our life is so full of transition words and phrases. Without these, it is perhaps impossible to connect and relate ideas in everyday life. Same is the case when we produce essays. Coherence and strength arises in our essay by the help of transition. This transition we get from transition words and phrases. Thus, better and effective use of transition phrases or words can make you essay perfect.

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