How to Write Elaborate Leadership Essays

Your leadership essay should demonstrate several things:

  • Your skill at writing.
  • Your charisma as a leader.
  • Practical applications of leadership, preferably your own.

In order to create a leadership essay that really makes a splash, follow this quick tutorial:

Come up with a great theme.

The theme of your essay should follow a few basic rules. First, it should include something that relates to your personal leadership experience. Second, it should relate to leadership in an overarching sense. Third, it should be inspiring.

Relate your theme to a historical leader or thinker.

Choosing a historical leader or great thinker that your theme relates to does two things. First, it legitimizes your theme. Second, it provides you with a ready source of great quotes and events to weave through your essay.

Create a thesis statement.

While you’re not (probably) formally arguing a point, you still want your essay to have a strong thesis that you can work with as a main idea. This will lend your essay cohesion and make it easier to maintain good flow. Your thesis statement should incorporate all three aspects of your theme: personal experience, an overarching leadership concept, and the thinker or leader whose ideas you will use to support your theme.

Create an outline.

Your next step is to write an outline. Your outline should include the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should include your thesis statement, an inspiring quote from the leader or thinker you’re using, and a rough outline of how these relate to your personal experience. Your first body paragraph should outline the overarching leadership concept you will use. That should segue into the second body paragraph, which includes inspiration related to your chosen leader/thinker. Your third body paragraph should be about your personal experience. Use your conclusion to summarize your essay.

Write your rough draft.

Start out with your body paragraphs, as that will make your conclusion and introduction even easier to write. Include plenty of great quotes, and play up your personal experience, relating it back to your leadership concept and your historical figure.

Edit your essay.

After writing your entire rough draft, go back and fine tune the flow, sentence structure, and word choice. Once you’ve edited you’re ready for your final step.

Have a friend proofread, then correct your mistakes.

Having a friend or fellow student proofread will ensure that you catch as many spelling and grammar mistakes as possible.

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