A perfect cause and effect essay example

You will need to write a cause and effect essay at some point in your academic career. If you haven’t already been given the assignment, then you might not even know what kind of essay this is yet, so an explanation is in order:

The perfect cause and effect essay is one that demonstrates something that happens as the result of something else.

A good example is pollution: Offshore drilling leads to increased pollution.

We will use this topic to illustrate how to perfectly construct this cause and effect essay.

  1. In your introduction start by explaining how pollution levels in the sea are on the rise and that the cause seems to be related to various industrial activities, including offshore drilling.
  2. In the next several paragraphs describe the process of offshore drilling. How do the oil companies determine where to drill? What is the construction process? What are the potential risks?
  3. In the next several paragraphs detail how locating these spots can cause harm to the environment, how the construction can lead to issues with the local ecosystem, and finally, how the risks can cause pollution.
  4. Continue on by citing specific examples of historical oil spills and the long term effects they had.
  5. Finally, wrap everything up with a few concluding paragraphs. Reiterate your introduction, summarize the building and drilling process, and refer back to the previously mentioned examples to prove your point in a nice, succinct fashion.

All of this information should be presented in a clear, factual manner.

Strive to avoid humor, emotion, and opinion. This is a cause and effect essay, which relies entirely on factual support to prove the point. Humor, emotion and opinion are better saved for other types of essays (such as personal and persuasive essays).

The structure provided is the perfect frame work for any cause and effect essay. You could fit just about any topic around that frame work.

Here are a few more ideas to get you started:

  • News about the stock market causes rapid shifts in stock values
  • The war against terrorism causes additional terrorism
  • Teen driving laws cause safer roads for everyone
  • Eating a high-protein diet causes weight loss, but impacts health negatively
  • Failing to set goals causes people to fail more often than not
  • Not changing the oil in your car causes your car to fail sooner
  • Working too much causes stress at home
  • Stress at home can cause poor performance at work

These are just several examples of topics to get you started. If you think about how one thing can cause another, you can write a cause and effect essay on that subject.

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