Women’s Rights in the Middle East, why They should be treated better

Anyone who does not live in The Middle East may think women are treated unfairly or like animals. In many cases this is true since many of them were raised to believe their place in society is behind a man or being a servant and nothing more. There are various reasons why women in this part of the world should be treated better, but part of the problem is with the government and the men who feel women should not have a higher standard in their society.

The Middle East may have their own reasons for why they treat women the way they do. Some are religious reasons while others are based on laws and ethics. There are governments outside of the Middle East that feel women can do better not just for themselves, but for their families. Women in the Middle East may have to make sacrifices that seem unfair or unjust. It is likely there are skilled and talented women that can have a better place in society but they are unable to leave their home and families behind in order to do so.

There are women treated unfairly for doing things that seem normal. Some women may not be allowed to wear certain clothes, show their faces, or speak to certain people. Others outside of the region may feel this is a form of abuse or neglect since women may not have a say or a choice in what they can do. There are people who think women in the Middle East may be brainwashed into thinking they are inferior or less than the man that runs the household. There is a lack of understanding on various levels about a woman’s worth on both sides (men and women).

It seems unfortunate a woman is punished or treated badly when she tries to take a stand for herself and other women. Various parts of the Middle East have issues with economic growth that women can contribute to in a positive way if they were treated better. More opportunities for personal and professional growth may evolve overtime if women were treated equally as men. They can learn how to do more tasks and be exposed to environments that encourage learning and self-worth. In the meantime, governments in the Middle East need to push for more equality and better treatment of women.

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