Hymn to Demeter

From the ancient Egypt to Greeks, all cultures had their beliefs depending on what they valued. They had different roles played by men and women. These are often portrayed through the modes of entertainment that existed such as role-plays, TVs, poetry and movies. According to Richardson, through the old Greek mythology story of Demeter and her daughter, motherhood has been depicted in a positive way. The two goddesses’ in mythology portrayed clearly the life of a woman. Despite the great distance that existed between them, Demeter could still hear her daughter cry for help. The moment they reunited, she noticed that something wrong had happened to her daughter just by touching her.

Arrel explains that, in the ancient Greek, it was normal for the father of the girl to arrange her marriage by offering her to a total stranger. The mother considered this as abduction. During such arranged marriages, many marital squabbles took place. Most women lacked the courage and the power that was possessed by Demeter in the effort she made to rescue her daughter. For instance, she was able to boycott Mount Olympus and in the end deny the man the fruit that is needed for survival. With her power, she managed to get her daughter back. This mythology aptly portrays that the modern woman is ever yearning for power however, they are under the influence of men. This means that they cannot make a decision of their own.

Despite the fact that Demeter had some power, Zeus eventually overpowered her. Hades also overpowered her daughter. In addition, he forced her to stay with him for one third of a year. Nevertheless, women are not completely powerless since they play an important role in giving birth. In a desperate attempt to make her anger known, she caused the most desperate and cruel year for man. In ancient Greek, the main role of the women was to serve their master and they had vey less to say. The letter to Demeter is a strong portrayal of the bond that existed between the mother and the daughter. From the letter, we are able to see that fear often grasps most women when the time comes to cross over to womanhood. Besides, Demeter’s power and zeal allows us to understand that women were not after all powerless as men came to believe. They had power over the most important aspect in life that is recreation.

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