Main Paragraphs to include in an Analytical Essay

Writing any form of essay calls for thorough preparation on the subject matter. Just as well, achieving the targeted goal of the essay will depend highly on how best the essay is structured. This helps the readers to be able to grasp the theme as well as the information being delivered. As such without having the right guidelines and structure, achieving this may be difficult. Analytical essays are no exception. An analytical essay is a type of an expository easy. However, this essay is meant to present certain information concerning a given art of literature or even explaining it. Therefore, it should have three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

First Paragraph; this serves to introduce the topic of your essay. The introduction paragraph gives an overview of what the paper is all about. Listed below are some of the key things to include in your first paragraph of an analytical essay.

  • Draw the person reading your paper in to it by creating interest.
  • Bring in to picture the text’s author.
  • Usually, this is the paragraph where your readers should know the title of the paper.
  • Include any important details about your essay, usually in a short text.
  • The thesis statement is supposed to stated in this paragraph.

After the introduction paragraph there follows the body paragraphs. At least two to three paragraphs are recommended. However, using at least two paragraphs is more convenient.

Second paragraph; this one is supposed to give answers to the thesis question. The topic thus provides more information about the topic that you are writing about. As such it should have the topic sentence. This acts as a mini thesis statement giving an explanation to the main points outlined.

Third paragraph; in this paragraph usually, the writer gives the context of the quote that they are making use of. (The writer cites the exact place where the quote appears in the story). This is always followed by a short explanation to back up the quote. Here all details about the paper are given.

Paragraph four; in most cases, the fourth paragraph is the conclusion. The writer brings us into a summary of the whole paper. Here, a restatement of whatever was said before serves to leave the reader with a thing to ponder about. In the conclusion, remember to summarise all your main points as this serves as a connection between all your points.

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