Essays about Religion: how to stay neutral

Writing about nearly any topic can be time consuming and often even challenging. However, when writing about sensitive topics, writing can be an even bigger challenge. Learning how to stay neutral when discussing these sensitive issues is a key step in maintaining professionalism in writing. Religion is a topic that requires discreetness in writing and it can often present very distinct challenges in writing. While staying neutral when writing about religion can be very difficult, it is in fact possible.

One of the easiest ways to write about religion is to remain focused on the “three C’s”:

  1. Creed. This focuses on the teachings and meaning of life according to the religion.
  2. Code. These are the ethical standards, rules and customs of the religion.
  3. Cult. This is the worship methods and rituals of the religion.

Next, when writing about religion, it is important to stay focused on certain aspects of the religion if the purpose is to stay neutral. First, focus on the origins of the religion itself. This means related information back to the founder of the religion. Writing about the origins of the religion and its history should be the opening section of the paper. Secondly, focus on the major beliefs of the religion, or its Creed. Every religion has its beliefs and doctrines. These beliefs are what shaped how the religion is taught, understood, and practiced. The second section of the essay would be an appropriate place for the creed of the religion. Keeping the creed factual will ensure neutrality.

Thirdly, discuss the religion’s code, which is essentially its code of ethics. These ethics dictate what is right and wrong within the religion and what rules its participants must follow. Lastly, write about the religion’s rituals, also known as its cult. These rituals are often used to mark major milestones in the lives’ of its followers.

Discussing the religion’s practices should go in the last section of the essay.

It is possible to write a religious essay in a neutral way. However, in order to do so, it is crucial to write the essay free of opinion or personal prejudice. Focusing on the religion’s main aspects, such as creed, code and cult can help to ensure that the paper is written as neutrally as possible. While religion is a difficult topic to right on and about, it is possible to do so in a way free from bias and prejudice.

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