Plagiarism-Free Essay Samples Can Come in Handy

Essay samples, in general, are a great tool for understanding the different and often complicated rules that come with writing a great essay. However, many samples that you can find (especially online) are stock essays that are used over and over in order to teach the rules. These, of course, have their uses and can be helpful. But at a certain point, it becomes necessary to read real, original work. Finding original, quality essay samples can help you learn the style and rules much more thoroughly then these copied and borrowed samples so prevalent on the internet. There are many reasons for this.

  • Understanding proper citations and paraphrasing: The dividing line between paraphrasing and plagiarizing is narrow and difficult to fully grasp. Reading a well-written essay without any plagiarism can help you to see where that line is and what the difference is between full on plagiarizing and simply paraphrasing the thoughts of another author. These plagiarism-free essays can also help you to learn proper citations rules and formats so that your intentions to directly quote another author do not get mistakenly interpreted as plagiarism. This is a surprisingly common issue as many professors will see a direct quote improperly cited and just assume the student was plagiarizing the author rather than assuming (as is usually the case) that the student simply did not use the proper citation format.
  • Learning how to write well without plagiarizing: All too often, it can seem like another author really just said it better and there is no way you can explain the same concept as eloquently or succinct as he or she did. However, the more essay samples you read that are not plagiarized, the more you will see that it is, indeed, possible to discuss concepts and ideas in your own words and still explain what you want to say thoroughly and in a well-written style. If you are having trouble coming up with your own words to explain a concept, it can come in handy to read a few plagiarism-free essays and see how these authors tackled the issue of explaining concepts in their own words.
  • Knowing what plagiarism is: As stated earlier, plagiarism is a difficult subject and the rules are not completely clear. Often, honest attempts to explain something in one’s own words can be mistaken for plagiarism. Reading plagiarism-free essays can help you to see how you can better avoid having your essay mistaken for plagiarism.

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