How to write a shiny essay introduction

The first goal in your introduction is to grab the reader's attention. Wake them up and generate some interest about the topic. To do this one might present an interesting fact, a surprising piece of information, an exciting quotation, an intriguing paradox or an explanation of an odd term.

In a short essay, a lengthy introduction is not necessary. After getting the reader's attention, it's okay to jump right into the issue and begin directly. You could describe a specific situation, that is, the context of the problem you're solving in your essay. It is important to avoid beginning the essay with broad statements.

The entire introduction should lead toward the presentation of your thesis or arguable assertion. You should take a stand on the issue you are discussing. It's also recommended that one deliver the thesis at the end of the introduction so that the reader knows what the general position is in the essay. It's not necessary to go into the details of your thesis in the introduction, especially if it is bulky. But give the reader a good idea as to what the argument is.

Always remember that in essay writing, nothing must come as a surprise to the reader. This is not like fiction writing, where the reader can be held in suspense, not knowing whether the story will end happily or tragically. When writing an essay, the whole story is outlined in the introduction, and given in detail in the body.

Also when writing an essay, everything must follow logically. It must have a starting point. Unlike fiction, where accidental happenings can change the direction of the story with an unexpected twist. The logical direction of the argument is indicated in the introduction, and followed faithfully in the body.

Providing background information shows what approach you are taking and how your topic fits into a broader framework. This points your readers in the direction you want them to go. You can also show them why the topic is significant. ‘Brief’ and ‘relevant’ are the keywords. Don’t give your reader too much context, give just enough.

The essay map gives the scope and direction of your paper. In one sense, the whole introduction is an essay map, since the introduction should serve as a guide to navigating the written assignment. However, it is also important to show what specific areas your writing will cover.

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