How To Succeed in Writing Personal Narrative Essays

It does not take a great writer to draft a successful personal narrative essay. You don’t have to be a wordplay genius or a crafty literary veteran when it comes to moving a reader. In all honesty, all that’s needed is a full commitment to the story and a sense of realism in the descriptions. Whether you want to get an A in your English class or you someday dream of making a huge impact on the literary world, here are a few ways to get started mastering those narrative essay assignments.

Success Checklist:

  • Did Your Story Have A Clear Plot?
  • Was There Enough Description to Transport the Reader Into Your World?
  • Was There A Natural Build Up To The Climax?
  • Was The Ending Believable?

Plot Requires Planning

Before you begin any writing assignment, the best thing to do is take some time to figure out your goals for the story. Start from the bottom and work your way up: 1) What is the basis of your story?; 2) Where is your story set?; 3) Who is your main character(s)?; 4) What challenges will the main character(s) face?; 5) How will they overcome these challenges?; and 5) How will your story end?

Because this is going to be a personal narrative essay, you’ll have a lot of the questions answered from the start but be sure to still take the time to explore these questions in their entirety.

Description is Key

Storytellers have the ability to captivate audiences by creating a believable world in which they feel they are either a part of or getting an inside look into. Rather than simply tell the reader something happened in your essay, describe the scenes as they play out using as many of your senses as you can.

Climax & Ending

You never want the story to feel as if it is dragging along with no ending insight; readers will grow bored. Map out a plan to pull the reader into your story and naturally build up to climatic moment before eventually coming to your end. Some writers choose to make the climax the ending for the shock factor, while others write a separate ending from the climax. Whatever you choose, make sure the climax is captivating and believable.

Follow this guide and you’re sure to succeed in writing a great personal narrative essay.

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