The Shopping Revolution

In the last twenty years the world has gone though a revolution in how you shop. There are many good deals to be had online, but the disadvantage is buyer cant touch, or smells these products for more informed choice. When buying clothes online it can sometimes be a problem when not being able to feel the softness for the fabric. Or how it fits.

Merchants are now setting up their business to reflect this new way of doing business. It give merchants the opportunity to setup online with, none or smaller street shop front, referring there customer base to there online shop front. The cost of running online store is remarkable less, than a street address. Also the online store is open 24/7 to their customers. Which allow people to shop when it is conversant to them. The merchant also are able to build a large customer email list, for sales offers and reward loyalty programs. Which they can afford to established, and maintained because of the less running cost.

The question is are we prepared to take on this new way of shopping, and also except the restriction that this way off shopping involves. Will the mass take it on? . I suspect they will, every store these days have a web page and reward program Very similar to the revolution, that took place in 50tys and 60tys with the introduction of the supermarket. And disappearance of the corner store.

With changes to our working lives, with longer hours several jobs, the old 9-5 jobs are now a dying breed. Over a 24 hour clock, shift workers has become very promote way of earning a living .due to the increase to mining company’s and these worker have problems getting to shops because the hours shops are open and the hours they work. Which don’t allow for shopping time. There is also a new breed of workers that work out of a home office, that it just more conversant to order good online than travel to nearest shopping Centre. Then find parking, pay to park your car and walk a good distance from car to shop When you can just jump on the Internet. Get a detailed description of each product. Which is not always available in street shop due lack of staff. In store, You however need to wait a few days, for for product to arrive .

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