Is Dirty Hands Necessary In Politics?

“You want to hear a funny joke? A genuine politician.” It’s all fun and games until a government shutdown, poorly drafted legislation, and life-affecting consequences are thrown into the mix. Corruption in the political world has been a stigma of the government since what feels like the beginning of time. Yet, it’s also one of the areas that seem to have never been through an internal cleansing. Some dare say that getting your hands dirty is a necessary evil to be a politician, and it’s that kind of thinking that puts the country in these seemingly impossible situations. Is it necessary to play dirty to make it in the world of politics? No, it definitely isn’t (and shouldn’t).

Being a politician should be the nation’s most selfless job available. You’re supposed to take yourself out of the equation and do what’s necessary for the people you’re representing, not what will line your pockets with more money (which is often the case). Corrupt politicians have forgotten the core principles of being a “man or woman of the people”; they should be representing their constituents, which are often left no the wayside with their pockets turned out, wondering what happened. Besides this, getting your hands dirty only makes politics all the more difficult in the end.

When you stop fighting for what’s right—what the people need—you start waging pointless battles for the sake of those you made your dirty promises to. How many standoffs would honestly be resolved in a matter of days (opposed to the weeks or months) if their reasoning was sound and just? It wasn’t a matter of how much money they would lose if a specific bill was to pass, but instead, was a matter of how much the people of each state would be hurt?

Politics can be a lot cleaner and, without a doubt, far simpler if people stop trying to sate their seemingly endless greed; saying that you have to get your hands dirty in order to participate in politics sends all the wrong messages. “The hill” shouldn’t be a wolves den where people are devouring each other, or backstabbing one another for a quick buck. Politics should be about something more, a duty to the people that have put their trust in you. When you play dirty, remember who is going to suffer in the end.

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