Inaccessibility To Quality Healthcare In Canada

Access to quality health care system is an essential aspect of the healthcare system. In Canada, there is high quality health system in place but access to the facility is the challenge because of high cost. The access to the public health care system is very high where there are suggestions from the stakeholders to privatize the hospitals. The essay looks at better ways of handling the public challenge of access to high cost public services. It suggests that privatization of the health care system is not the best solution to solving the administrative problem of access to healthcare. The current quality of the health care services that are administered by the government is very high and well desired. However, the hospital charge high cost for the services making the services inaccessible to the general public.

Access to Canadian healthcare systems has been a challenge to many Canadians who cannot afford high costs of the facilities. There are others who argue that the public hospitals should be privatized. They believe that access to the facility will be enhanced by private hospitals since some of the private facilities are cheaper than public health institutions. They also state that proper management and administration of the private parties will result into efficiency hence lower the cost of medical services. Universal and timely access to healthcare services has been a long time problem in Canada. It has resulted into long waiting lists for issues such as the elective surgical procedures and significant medical intervention such as computed tomography, emergency treatment of cancer and magnetic resonance examination. The challenges in the health care system in Canada are real and results which are attributed to the poor work of the public administration and the perception of inefficiency and high cost of the facilities.

The public administration of the health care services in Canada is a highly respected institution by the public because of high quality services. However, there are many groups in the system that have personal interest that would like to see the most of public healthcare privatized as the solution to access issues. Healthcare service provided by private providers is of high quality and it is only offered to those who have the ability to pay.

Causes of inaccessibility of public healthcare systems in Canada

There are several issues and reasons that will be discussed under this topic on the ability of the institution to be accessible by the public.

The administrative issues:

  1. Inefficiency
  2. Excessive cost
  3. Over-expenditure of the healthcare budgets/funds

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