Choosing Original Topics For Psychology Articles

It's not just a matter of writing an excellent psychology article, which of course is always important, but rather of finding an original topic in the first place. Once you find a unique topic or a unique approach to a psychology topic, you are well on the way to creating an interesting article. The key is to know how to look. By going online you will find a vast number of websites which suggest various topics for psychology articles. If you find something which is original then you have done well. If not, find an interesting topic and create an original approach to that psychology topic. Here are some examples.

Social cognition deals with the storing of social information. It deals with widespread ideas found in society and about how all sorts of different things work. A peace psychology article about our thought processes could be original if looked at in a new way.

What are attitudes ? Knowing what they are and how they develop is a basic tenet of psychology. When we look at attitudes we think about our feelings, the way we behave and how we understand the world around us. This is another ideal source for finding original psychology articles.

Prosocial behaviour is a study of the way we help and cooperate with other people. When a serious crime or accident takes place and few if any people get involved even simply by calling the emergency services, psychologists want to know why such a choice of action has been taken. In this area of study there are many opportunities for original psychology articles.

Violence is everywhere

You don't need to look far from the television news services to see this is true. But of course from the psychology point of view, the interest is always in understanding why people act in a violent and aggressive way. Is this form of behaviour something you learn? There are numerous topics within this subject and numerous approaches you can take to it to create an original psychology article.

And it's the same thing when we look at discrimination and prejudice. When people display these characteristics, what has caused them to do so? What causes stereotypes and can prejudice and discrimination be taught or is it acquired? This is another detailed aspect of psychology which is ripe with interesting and original topics.

Group behaviour is arguably the largest subject in the study of social psychology. Nearly all of us belong to a group or groups and often find that the behaviour of the members of the group is identical or at least similar. What is the role of the leader or leaders in these groups, how do they make decisions and how do they resolve any conflicts?

Finally there is the interesting topic of self . Psychologists are fascinated by the inner thinking of individuals and how that thinking influences the way they express themselves and live their lives.

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