What to do before you start your Essays

Important requisites before start your essay:

  • Essays are not started at once after selecting topic. Writing an essay is not difficult but ideas which have to put together are difficult.
  • Topic selection is an immense problem. Topic should be selected by the guidance of teacher and expert seniors.
  • If a student selects topic of his essay on his own he should make sure that the topic is according to his interest. He should not select a topic which makes him bored in the middle. In such a case, a student cannot write a brilliant essay.
  • After the selection of topic, next step before essay writing is to brainstorm the essay topic.
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  • Brainstorming is an activity of putting together the energy of brain and to give dress to thoughts, paper and pen are used.
  • What comes first in your mind while looking at essay topic should be written on paper.
  • You do not need to correct your sentences and spelling mistakes. It is just a home exercise on rough paper. It helps you to organize different thoughts and make a complete final document.
  • Brainstorming is helpful in such a way that a student often forgets the ideas that come first in his mind. If they are written immediately on paper they will become a part of his essay.
  • After brainstorming next step is to make outline of your essay. Brainstorming helps you in deciding what to add and what not in your essay. Outline gives proper way and direction to your thoughts that what should be written first and what later on.
  • Outline also decides the time table that which part should be written at what time. Timetable is helpful in a way that a student does not feel burden all time. He knows which time is to write and at what time he is going to relax. After making outline, you should start writing your essay.

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